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HVAC Repair Salem your HVAC repair person in Salem, Corvalis, Albany and surrounding communities.

Summer months bring the heat let us help you stay cool!

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Keep your place Cool

Of the three central functions of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning,  Air Conditioning is going to be the most important one for this summer.  It is expected to be one of the hottest summers on record.  So call us now to get yours checked.

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Mail: info@hvacrepairsalem.com

Stay Comfortable

HVAC maintenance is important to keep the comfort level staying high in your home and office.

Don’t wait for a breakdown, let us check your filters and general HVAC function.  Call or email NOW.

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Need to find a qualified HVAC repair pro?

Whether you need a small or large HVAC repair pro job completed, the first step is finding a highly qualified HVAC repair pro in your area. Ask potential HVAC repair about their methods and scheduling.

Recommendations are always key. Only use a HVAC repair pro who has outstanding references doing HVAC repair pro jobs and who doesn't have a reputation for poor customer service.  Make an appointment now:


Airflow in and around your home and office is important to your health and well being.

Call or email when you need a HVAC Repair.  You don’t have to be in Salem to call.  We service the whole Metro Area and the boondocks!

Info Request Email

Mail: info@hvacrepairsalem.com

Info Request Email

Mail: info@hvacrepairsalem.com